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the background is a nearly transparent view overlooking the entire city of Tbilisi, Georgia at sunset.


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Why VISIT Georgia?

an orthodox church town in the Jewish Quarter of Tbilisi, Georgia
an ornamental door of Herakles' palace in Telavi, Georgia
The hilltop monastery of Kazbegi, Georgia with the Caucasus Mountains in the background

Georgia offers unique history, culture and nature

Georgia lies on the edge of the east and west with a unique and rich history spanning millennia. Whether you enjoy the arts, nature, architecture, museums, food & wine, or all of the above, Georgia offers a unique array of it all. If you've already been to the European mainstays and are searching for something familiar and safe, yet fresh and out of the box, this is your dream destination!

Georgian Food & Wine

A traditional Georgian market stall showing churchkhela, dried fuit, and nuts in Telavi, Georgia
A beautiful outdoor veranda with dining bench during golden hour in Kakheti, Georgia
a colorful wall mural in the Jewish quarter of Tbilisi, Georgia depicting a Georgian toastmaster (tamada) dancing.

Georgian Food & Wine

Georgian food & wine are the highlights of any experience in Georgia. Usually a 'farm-to-table' label is unnecessary - everything is fresh, seasonal, and historic in its own right. Whether enjoying local homemade wine (Georgia has thousands of its own grape variants, and unique fermentation process), enjoying khatchapuri and khinkali (cheese bread and dumplings), or seasonal produce, you will inevitably leave the table full and happy!

Georgian wine selection at a wine tasting in Signaghi, Georgia
Adjarulian Xatchapuri (Georgian cheese bread from Adjari) with cheese, raw egg yolk, and butter in the middle.
Ancient Qvervis at the Nekresi Monastery in Kakheti, Georgia.

The Khakheti region is the heart of the winemaking region of Georgia. The wine route is dotted with scenic wineries, monasteries, and ancient castles where you will fully immerse yourself in the Georgian experience. And don't be surprised if you're invited to a local's home for a visit and homemade treats! Georgia has the added benefits of very friendly, hospitable people and having an extremely high safety rating!

How We Work

Beautiful waterfall in Lagodekhi National Park.
View through a monastery window overlooking the vineyards at Nekresi Monastery.
A Georgian farmer rests in a green field with a baby cow (calf), the Caucuses Mountains in the background.

Custom Tours & Retreats

Whatever your aims, I will personally tailor a trip to your needs, providing transport, guides, accommodation, and will work as a translator for your ease!

Group Tours

If you are on a budget but still seeking the best experience of Georgia, join one of our group tours! Or invite a group of friends to create your own.

A Personal Experience

Whichever option you choose, I will be working with you directly, every step of the way, to ensure the most wonderful experience possible!

Meet AllIson

(aka: Allie, Alle, Al)

I'm a native Texan and avid traveler since before I could walk! Raised in a family that enjoyed discovering the world, I’ve kept the tradition of exploration alive over the years. Having lived in seven countries and traveled to more than 40, I’m a well-seasoned adventurer. Using my extensive travel expertise and travel organization skills, I’ve spent over a decade designing travel for myself, loved ones and on a professional basis.

After seven years of living in Moscow, Russia, I decided to explore Georgia and share the wonders of discovering this fascinating country with others by organizing tours and hosting retreats through my passion project, Allie’s Acre.

I look forward to helping you plan an exciting and rewarding holiday to beautiful Georgia (and beyond)!

Allison, the tour guide and owner of Allie's Acres sitting on a fence overlooking the city of Tbilisi, Georgia.

Ready for A Georgian adventure?


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